People who have been abusive and/or complicit in the abuse of others. This list will be updated as needed with pertinent information in order to help vulnerable people avoid these dangerous individuals.

Some of these people may not seem dangerous, some of them may even be your friends. But in listing those who are complicit, it can act as a preemptive warning of possible danger. Those who are complicit (and only complicit) are assumed to be capable of much worse than complicity.

  • Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource

Known serial abuser, accused rapist of multiple women and transmisogynist. Tactics include gaslighting, victim blaming, pathological lying, doxxing and a victim complex. Almost completely disingenuous in what she says and does. Claims to have autism and borderline personality disorder. Calls herself a “polymath genius.” Owns many twitter handles/sockpuppet accounts.

She has also been accused of and proved to be an FBI snitch, back from when she was involved with the hacker group Lulzec.

Favorite victim labels:

  1. Psychopath
  2. Sociopath
  3. Narcissist
  4. Bitch
  5. Stalker
  6. Abuser

The use of such labels, publicly and in front of an audience, make it easier to establish a mob mentality in order to be used against vulnerable people, whom she enjoys hurting.

Laurelai Bailey is the number one most effective and abusive trans woman in the transgender community. Most of her supporters and followers act in a cult-like manner. It is suspected that those with weaker willpower are more susceptible to falling for her many destructive tactics. A loss of power and privilege upon transition may also be cause for angry and abusive behavior.

She is the kind of person who should come with her own danger level (which is high).

Laurelai has openly admitted to forging and hoarding “screenshots” that she claims to be able to use against abusers (i.e. her victims). She also runs a pepper project which she uses to collect the private information of vulnerable people.

Uses a script on her Tumblr blog in order to collect I.P. addresses and locations.

  • Chloe Sagal @ChloeSagal

Pathological liar, gaslighter, doxxer, disingenuous. Has anger issues and narcissistic tendencies. 100% complicit in Laurelai’s abuse toward women. Is known for making violent threats.

  • Sarah Van der Veken

Complicit (and has participated) in Laurelai’s abuse toward women. Supports oppressive American ideals furthered by the republican party.

  • Stephanie Weil

Complicit (and has participated) in Laurelai’s abuse toward women. Participates in and furthers slander and libel. Subscribes to abusive and oppressive religious ideals.

  • Melissa Savage @isentil

Was once targeted by Laurelai, although continues to be complicit in the many ways that Laurelai screws with other people’s lives. Reason: Unknown

  • Claire Renee Kohner @ClaireRightHere

Staunch Laurelai supporter, complicit in gaslighting, libel and other forms of abuse, is disingenuous/will feed your information to Laurelai.

  • Bethany M. Solorio ‏@bethany1138

Complicit (and has participated) in Laurelai’s abuse toward women. Presents in a disingenuous manner that suggests, at the very least, an apathetic neutral stance in the face of abuse.

  • [Name Unknown] @vivian_games

Was targeted and harassed for multiple days by Laurelai Bailey. Is complicit in the gaslighting and doxxing furthered by Chloe Sagal (and by extension, Laurelai Bailey). Disingenuous.

  • Johanna Wolf

Known and recorded sex offender in multiple states, complicit in libel and victim blaming perpetrated by Laurelai Bailey. Convicted of sexual assault.

  • Katherine Mitchell @gnvkay

Complicit in abuse and libel perpetrated by Laurelai Bailey and Chloe Sagal.

  • Amber Cantrell @amberrcantrell

One of Laurelai’s current partners and one of her main sources of income. Accused of attempted murder and is complicit in slander and gaslighting.

  • Anna Feldmann @FakeRobotGamer

Complicit and unashamed of her support of Laurelai’s gaslighting, doxxing and all around general abuse. Has anger issues, presents in a sadistic manner.

  • [Name Unknown] @QueerFireVixen

Long-time supporter of Laurelai’s heinous activities. Openly and happily participates in libel and gaslighting.

  • Erika Jo Hutson @nekoarc

Staunch Laurelai supporter. Known for backtracking and flip-flopping on matters of abuse and morality. Frightenly disingenuous and a pathological liar. Has participated in writing transmisogynistic articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica and will admit to having done so. Runs an IRC server in order to collect I.P addresses.

  • Peechingtonmariejust (tumblr) @_peech

Complicit in smear campaigns created by Laurelai Bailey.

  • Jemima Hobby @waitinggirl3

Complicit in abuse perpetrated by Laurelai Bailey.

  • Melanie Monroe @monroehot

Violent, stalker and complicit in Laurelai’s abusive behavior.

  • Elise Archer

No relation to Laurelai. Is a long-time serial abuser (well documented). Regularly expresses racist and classist views.